Queensland Community Care Network | Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme
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Get behind the…

Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme

Funded by the Australian Government

The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme is an iniative by the Australian Federal Government and the Department of Health.  QCCN has been a funded auspice in this program since it’s inception when it was known as the Community Visitors Scheme.  The program matches Volunteer Visitors with older people in aged care homes – enabling friendships to evolve and reducing the chances of social isolation.

Becoming a Volunteer Visitor made easy

As little as one hour a fortnight is required where the Volunteer Visitor and older person meet and socialise with each other. We’ll work with you to identify the most convenient aged care home for you to visit – and match you with a resident with similar interests. QCCN is also able to match you with someone who speaks a specific language if required.

Getting involved

Simply register your interest and we’ll contact you to arrange an informal catch up. If successful, we’ll;

  • Provide training – it’s important you understand the needs of the elderly person and have the skills to cope with issues that may arise
  • We also conduct a police check which can take three to eight weeks

  • The aged care home also provides training which usually takes around an hour to a full day *this is home specific
  • QCCN is available to assist you throughout your participation – we’re available to answer any questions, provide support and you have access to the Volunteer Information Centre

Why the Aged Care Volunteer Scheme

Just a small amount of your time can make a huge impact on someone living in residential care. This type of care can be a lonely experience for many people, for many reasons.

You might not know that;

  • Often, an older person goes into an aged care home due to necessity, not by choice. Leaving their family home can lead to them feeling alone and depressed – leading to social isolation
  • An older person may end up in a home that wasn’t their first choice – thus it could be away from family and friends

  • While staff do their best to spend time with residents, seeing everyone can be difficult and unfortunately, not everyone interacts with each other – causing some people to become disconnected

Thousands of elderly Australians living in homes are enduring feelings of isolation, sadness and depression. But just a few hours of your time can greatly contribute to an older person’s happiness; help them feel connected and fulfilled. Imagine making a life-long friend; seeing their face light up when they see you. A small investment to you – a world of difference to them.

If you would like to apply to become a Volunteer Visitor, please email volunteer@qccn.org.au